Inter stone s.a.s; porphyry paving stone for a modern design.

Interstones s.a.s porfido made in italy

Italian porphyry for each solution, street furniture and private homes

Interstone s.a.s. It is a company that deals with production, trade and laying of one of the finest stones on the market: the Trentino porphyry. So we are specialized in processing and fitting of the porphyry materials, as well as to the most important natural stones for major construction and urban purposes. Porphyry treated by us is higher than Chinese or Argentine quality, both in technical terms and in terms of aesthetics, the color of Trentino porphyry is red, gray, purple or brown and you can get products with a functionality and increased security. The porphyry products handled by us are manifold: cubes, binders, tiles sawed, sheared and flare-ups, coarse tiles, ropes, plastic veneer, slabs / mosaic, pebbles porphyry, porphyry finishing, urban furnishings porphyry, stairs, etc ... these elements have an aesthetic and a very precise function, and are posed by skilled workers. The task of affixing of Trentino porphyry is an art very precise, a porphyry paving fact should have a right geometric pattern, correct installation on a technical level, and the correct geometry for fulfilling the wishes of our customers. Besides that the porphyry, the market also requires other types of stones with different characteristics and functions, sometimes well integrated with elements in porphyry in many processes. The natural stones we deal with are as follows: Carrara marble, granite, luserna, Oriental stone, quartzite, sandstone, basalt, river pebbles, and trachyte.

Our philosphy

Interstone s.a.s. was founded with the purpose of working the Trentino porphyry, produce products for flooring, market porphyry and other building stone such as marble, granite, luserna, quartzite and basalt, and perform a correct installation. These are the pillars on which our company is based:
  •  Solutions for every costumers
  •  Promote the italian porphyry in the world.
  •  Qualified stuff
  •  High experience in porphry field
  •  Safe and correct porphry layng
  •  Give porphry features information
  •  Support during all the paving process
  •  Fast deliver
  •  Build safe floors
  •  Eco-solutions