The art of italian porhyry

Production and sales of products in porphyry for external paving and cladding

Interstone S.a.s is a company is engaged aproduzione and marketing of Trentino porphyry products. Interstone S.a.s is a company that deals with the production and marketing of the Trentino porphyry products.

The main products we sell are definitely the porphyry cubes, elements in the cubic form of incredible versatility and available in various sizes for all types of outdoor flooring.

Other products are marketed in porphyry tiles, diponibili in various sizes and shapes, strings, indispensable elements for street furniture used as delimitation and containment, the binders, with parallelepiped elements, coarse tiles, made from the scrap processing and useful the streets on a steep slope, the sheared and rusticated, indispensable element for external coatings, river pebbles, rustic element derived from water grinding, the slabs produced in porphyry used since ancient times to pave streets, courtyards and gardens.

External porphry paving with qulity guaranteed

Messa in opera di porfido trentino e pietre naturali, arredo urbano, rivestimenti e opere architettoniche.
Italian porphry laying, natural stone, urban design, cladding and architectural buildings

Interstone s.a.s ensures a supply of porphyry and natural stones of the best quality available on the market. We are willing to send free samples to our customers to show our seriousness and passion on natural stones. We guarantee a laying of the stone by project staff specialized and experienced to run a successful flooring, respecting all technical parameters, correct setting patterns and pendenzeper runoff of rainwater.


For your floors there are various laying patterns, which can be created with individual products or by combining different stones and elements. The natural stone flooring provides the ability to customize the most of every type of outdoor flooring, creating a refined aesthetic, rustic and customized to their needs. Among the most common laying patterns of esmpio cubes that are overlapping arcs, in parallel rows, a fan, a peacock tail and concentric circles.

Italian porphry serivces

Interstone s.a.s offers all his experience to ensure the success of each project in stone. Our services available to the customer are: supply and transport of porphyry and stones on the national and international territory, quote and free consultation, and installation of natural stone project.


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Installation by qualified and experienced staff, many of available installation patterns and scale of products and materials.


If you do not know how to make your stone project Interstone s.a.s. It is ready to help you in every step of recommending the best solution and the best natural stone for your needs.


National and international transport of porphyry and natural stone, fast deliveries, we use packaging pallets or big bags, vehicles with cranes and trucks for international transport the goods will be loaded onto container.


Con il porfido trentino e le altre pietre è possibile ricavari molti prodotti di forma e dimenzione diversa. Questo ci offre l'opportunità di abbinare ogni singolo elemtno con disegni e schemi personalizzati al fine di ottenere varie geometrie, stemmil loghi e rosoni.

With our porphyry products is possible to have differents size and colors elements. This allow us to create differents laying patterns and unique geomterical shape, logos and different wind rose.


Abbiamo a disposizione le migliore pietre naturali sul mercato mondiale: Porfido, marmo, granito, quarzite, pietra indiana, aranaria, basalto, trachite, pietra Eugenea e molto altro ancora!

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