The most wanted stone in builidngs

In addition to the porphyry there are other protagonists in the building stones such as granite and quartzite.

The world of natural stones is varied both for characteristics and  both for colors. In the world of paving stone, architecture and urban design, it's admitted only the best in terms of technical strength a, physical and chemical.

The building stones should be easy to transport and good work trying to reduce the environmental impact during cultivation of the quarry or mine.

The commercial classification of the stones can be divided in the following way:

GRANITE: Usually followed by the place of extraction, the stones with high hardness, silicate nature and polishable (granites, gabbros syenite, porphyry, gneiss)

MARBLES: compact and polishable Rocks nature carbonate (marble, compact limestone, oficalci, etc.)

STONES OR STONES: compact and porous rocks, do not be polished (basalt, conglomerates, sandstones, clays, tuffs, soft limestone, etc. ..)

TRAVERTINI: Rich Rocks compact cavity and be polished.

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