natural stone for your home

The Stone products for your home

The house is a very important place in our lives, we spend most of the time inside and is required to cure it in every detail. Stairs, walls, garden paths, patios and yards: building stone is ideal to showcase the beauty and value.

For coatings of houses proproniamo a pordotto porphyry rustication or sliced: quati stone blocks provide a high estetice anceh and efficiency of thermal insulation, ensuring significant energy and thus cost savings.

Have good scale is very important for our security but also pr aesthetics of our home, porphyry offering excellent products with the surface processing for this scope.

The flooring of our garden and our green areas can be realized with various elements. We recommend you pave the green areas with cobble plates or other stones; This fact elements are unparalleled in the green areas especially when combined with water.

Our yards are paved with cubes or tiles, in addition, you can create interesting compositions with laying plans or carry arms, drawings and wind roses custom combining elements of different style and different colors.